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By connecting to the Rtrix.eu server, the player automatically agrees to the server rules.

It is the player's responsibility to follow and abide by Discord's Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

It is strictly forbidden to violate the GDPR law and other personal belongings of other community members.

A player's ignorance of the rules does not excuse his actions.

It is strictly forbidden to take advantage of errors and shortcomings in the rules or other regulations of the Admin-Team or the project management.

A purchased VIP rank on a project is not a guarantee against punishment for any violation of the rules.

The project owner reserves the right to any intervention on the Rtrix.eu server.


The player is obliged to communicate in a polite, friendly manner and without any disturbance (e.g. picking fights).

It is forbidden to ridicule, provoke, discriminate or insult a player or Admin Team member.

Spamming (3 times the same message or more), unjustified flooding and excessive capslock are prohibited.

It is strictly forbidden to send any websites with inappropriate, dangerous or pornographic content.

It is strictly forbidden to impersonate YouTubers, Streamers, etc. or former or current members of the Admin Team / Project Management.

We do not recommend opening random url or web pages sent in chat.

It is strictly forbidden to distribute or promote NSFW content, scaremongering, vulgar, 18+ content, or otherwise inappropriate images and videos.

It is strictly forbidden to disseminate or promote racism, fascism, neo-Nazism, communism, paedophilia, necrophilia, zoophilia, Nazism, xenophobia, discrimination, cyberbullying, terrorism or any other similar hate speech or that advocates national, racial or religious hatred in any form or by any means.

It is strictly forbidden to damage the server in any way, e.g. by crashing, botting, or DDoS attack.

Discussions, distribution of hack clients or other tools that damage the Rtrix.eu server are prohibited.

Promotion, distribution or arranging the sale of any product from the gaming public is prohibited. The project shall not be liable for any damages, material or otherwise.

It is forbidden to promote other projects in any way, it is forbidden to promote the IP address, web server or any other promotional element representing the server.

It is forbidden to promote its streaming platforms in any way: Trovo, YouTube, Twitch or Instagram.

Authorized members of the Admin-Team have the right to punish a player for any violation of the rules or any other policy or regulation of the Admin-Team / Rtrix.eu server management.

In the event that a player is punished for breaking the rules, it is possible to appeal the decision in the ticket system or in player support.

The decision of a member of the Admin-Team can be appealed in the ticket system. The decision of a member of the Admin-Team can only be overturned by a decision of a competent person from the Admin-Team management.

It is strictly forbidden to circumvent the penalty, similarly the use of VPNs and dynamic IP addresses is prohibited for this behavior.

The Admin-Team is not obliged to keep evidence and is not obliged to present evidence to the player.

Each member of the Admin-Team has assigned duties, which they faithfully perform.

Members of the Admin-Team must abide by the internal rules of the Rtrix.eu server.

Builder-Team members are not obligated to answer player questions, A Builder-Team member is not an administrative staff member.

No member of the Admin Team shall disclose in any way the internal environment of the Admin Team (rights, confidential information, etc.).

The player treats every member of the Admin-Team with respect, deference, courtesy and and without personal conflict.


There are general rules on the entire Rtrix.eu Minecraft server and the basic rules can be found above.

The player must not use any favorable hack clips, cheats, mods or texture packs on the Rtrix.eu server.

It is forbidden to spoil or inconvenience the game in any way.

It is forbidden to cause a forced crash of the server by a player in any way.

Teaming up on minigames and intentionally killing outnumbered players is prohibited.

It is forbidden to exploit a bug or error in any way.

It is forbidden to build inappropriate structures.

It is forbidden to intentionally go beyond the border / boundary of the world.

Duplication of items is strictly prohibited.

It is forbidden to block the entrance to the PvP arena.

It is forbidden to kill another player without items.

It is forbidden to push another player into the PvP arena and kill him afterwards.

It is forbidden to intentionally interfere with a player at the Nexus.

A player or group of players must not deliberately spoil the game.